Flooring Maintenance


Capital Floors offers a full maintenance and refurbishment service. We can periodically mechanically scrub clean and re-seal, sand and re-seal to re-invigorate a worn and tired floor, and undertake repairs. We will advise on a maintenance regime to ensure you get the best out of your wooden floor be it in a gymnasium, assembly hall or museum.

Junckers 25 Year Warranty

With Junckers' warranty there is a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance schedule, the majority of which can be carried out by the end user. Capital Floors, as the approved contractor, should carry out the yearly inspection and maintenance. To obtain the longest life for your sports floor, a pertinent maintenance schedule should be followed. Using Junckers products, the end user can carry out the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. Capital Floors Ltd would then carry out a 12-18 monthly inspection (depending on usage) and advise the next best course of action required to continue to get the maximum life expectancy out of the floor. We offer this inspection service completely free of charge.

Junckers Sylva Cleaner

Junckers Sylva Cleaner should be used on the floor. Using this as per the Junckers recommendations, enclosed, will pave the way to you caring for your floor, and will ultimately reduce the cost of any works required to be carried out by the approved contractor 12-18 months down the line, as other cleaning products may contaminate the Junckers Floor, requiring more works to remove contaminates before re-sealing with Junckers products. N.B. Only Junckers products should be used for maintenance.

Please note the 25-year warranty is free to take out, and you can choose to opt out at any time. However, the 25-year warranty does cover the products and the installation. As Capital Floors Ltd will contact you when an inspection is due; it provides you with one less thing to think about.

All Junckers cleaning products are available from Capital Floors Ltd.

Junckers Maintenance Sheets

Reflex Flooring Maintenance

An effective maintenance regime plays an integral part in the longevity and aesthetics of your floor. Cleaning and maintenance of sports floors is extremely important as the performance and safety of those participating depends on how its looked after. A build up of body fats and sweat can cause a timber floor to become slippery so it is vital that the floor is maintained correctly.

Capital Floors can advise you on how to clean and maintain your Reflex Sports floor dependant on the surface finish, the activities that occur on the floor and the regime possible at your facility.

Bona Sportive cleaner is specially designed for use on finished wooden sports floors.

All Bona cleaning materials are available from Capital Floors Ltd.

Reflex Maintenance Sheets